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    No disk in Drive E


      Whenever I start PE 13 or exit, I get the error message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk in drive E."  There currently is no drive E on my laptop. To get rid of the message, I have to click on the Cancel and the Continue buttons a couple of times at the bottom of the message . My laptop has Windows 8.1.      How can I stop this message from appearing?    Thanks

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What you describe (No Disk error) is a well known issue for Premiere Elements 13/13.1. The Adobe solution is to delete or disable the file named OldFilm.AEX.


          For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit, the path to the file is

          Local Disk C

          Program Files


          Adobe Premiere Elements 13




          and in the NewBlue Folder is the OldFilm.AEX Folder that you delete or disable by renaming it from OldFilm.AEX to OldFilm.AEXOLD.


          Please let us know if that worked for you.


          Thank you.



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                 I found the folder exactly where you said it would be and renamed it. However, the problem is still as it was. After doing the rename, do I need to restart my computer? I didn't do that yet.


                 Thanks for your response.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              That deletion or disabling of the OldFilm.AEX is the 99.999% fix for the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 No Disk error.


              Consequently...please try again

              1. If you used disable OldFilm.AEXOLD before, try delete of the OldFilm.AEX.

              2. Good idea to restart the computer after the deleting or disabling of the file, just in case.


              We will be watching for your results.


              Thanks for the follow up.