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    flex2 Rotate chart axis title

      Hi, everyone
      I met the problem of rotating the vertical axis title to 180 degree . I know how to rotate the label, textInput, or other "object" , but the axis title that i can only referenced is the content of axis title, the string. how to rotate that which is not an object ?
      Do appreciate about any suggestions!
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          Hi Kakulupia
          Did you find the solution to this - I'm looking to do the same, but after trawling the web the only suggestion I came across was the following;

          1 set show vertical axis title to "false"
          2 create a HBox containing both a TextField and the chart
          3 set the position of the drawing TextField to vertical
          4 refine the position.

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            This not fixed yet?

            The characters in the left (vertical) axis title are flipped 90 degrees and you can't rotate them. I just want the characters displayed normal - it doesn't make sense to leave them rotated in languages like Japanese/Chinese. I might turn to the above solution.