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    [error] e_adept_document_too_short

    philipt94688337 Level 1

      After downloading the EPUB of the 3 ebooks that I purchased in the Google Play Store, the ACSM-files don't open in ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS because "Communication problem with license-server : E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TOO_SHORT :".


      Deleting the Adept key in the Registry Editor and reauthorizing ADE didn't solve the solution for me.


      Waiting for an answer by Adobe.

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          Nanaky Level 5

          E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TOO_SHORT is a error with the Server of the eBooks. Try it later again (then has work for me) -> If not you should contact Google.

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            Sharad Vatsa Employee Moderator

            Hi Philip,


            This error message indicates a problem with a particular book file(s) on the server. You may have to try the download again and check if that works.

            In case it persists, please try contacting the eBook provider.




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              philipt94688337 Level 1

              Thank you for the message Sharad,


              Unfortunately, the matter still persists after downloading the .epub.acsm files again. I shall check with Google and come back to you.

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                After exhaustively searching the net for a solution to this problem and trying all kinds of things with ADE on my pc (re-authorizing, re-installing, reg edit, etc.) I eventually tried something else altogether - I installed ADE for android on my crappy phone (I'm surprised it even had the space for this app), then I went to https://play.google.com/books with my android google chrome browser, which shows my books (even the mobile chrome app can't  really read the book online - it occasionally works momentarily and then has a loading error again shortly thereafter). Any way, if you click on the book options there, in the My Books list, and click, get the acsm file for the epub, you can open it, directly from chrome, as soon as the download is complete, which then opens ADE for Android - that successfully does the whole "fulfilling and downloading of the epub" thing.


                Of course, I wanted this epub on my pc, in the first place, as my gf and I prefer reading on our eReaders, so I simply re-authorized my ADE for the umpteenth time, closed it, hooked my phone up to the pc, went to the Digital Editions folder, in my on-board memory, and copied the epub file as well as the acsm file (though I'm not sure weather the latter is really necessary) - I also went into the subfolders and copied the thumbnail, the manifest for the book (labeled as <bookname>.epub.xml) - I copied ALL of these to the relevent folders of my PC's "My Digital Editions" folders and sub-folders, as well as copying the "purchased.xml" file from my Tags folder (again this purchased file copy may possibly be unnecesary), then I restarted ADE and voilà, the book is now in my library.
                I also did it with a second book, so I know it wasn't just a fluke. (The first time around ADE wasn't authorized yet and demanded to be authorized before it could open the book)


                The problem is with the PC version of ADE - it isn't that Google Play's books are corrupt. Google and Adobe need to fix that problem, together.
                I've tried reading the books online and that was a horrible experience - won't open at all on most browsers and on the only one where it WILL open (Chrome for android) it keep crashing with a "loading error."

                I was on the verge of requesting a refund, too, except my gf really wanted this book and I couldn't find it anywhere else that was accessible from South Africa.