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    Cursor lag is insufferable in InDesign CC


      This past month I upgraded to a 12-core Mac Pro running El Capitan and InDesign CC. Before, I was working on an iMac running Snow Leopard and CS6.


      I would give anything to go back. I honestly would. CC is DRIVING ME MAD. Every so often, the cursor gets STUCK on an item and won't let it go. It lags 2-3 seconds before it even shows there's a problem (I notice there's a problem when the cursor does not revert to the default pointer when it's moved off the layout). Sometimes the lag is even longer than that.


      Likewise in Photoshop CC, sometimes when I change to the grabber hand, Photoshop forgets to revert back to ANY OTHER TOOL when I try to change it.


      But I'm getting off subject. I am working on the fastest Mac workstation Apple has ever released, running the most current operating system, 32 GB of RAM, the best video graphics hardware, and InDesign is laggy and infuriating. The layout I have to finish is very complex and consists of dozens and dozens of elements. I NEED MY CURSORS TO DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. I NEED INDESIGN TO BE SNAPPY AND RELIABLE.


      Sorry for the caps. I have deadlines and I don't have time for this nonsense. I'm writing this at 11:30pm at my office and trying hard to fight sleep.


      I know that it is not my input device causing the problem. I switched it out with a completely different one (different brand, corded instead of wireless) and the problem persisted. It's not the input device nor the driver. The problem does not manifest outside of CC.


      Is CC running some kind of process in the background that I didn't authorize it to do? Can I get it to stop? Is anyone else dealing with this issue besides me?


      I'm running on an LG ultra wide 34UC97-S monitor, could that be a factor somehow? Before, I was only using the iMac and a Thunderbolt display. I will drop the monitor in a heartbeat if it will make the problem stop.