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    Firefox does not load composition after adding 8th video - limitations?


      Hi There,


      I am a newbie and made a project just for learning. The project has some pictures and videos. Everything works fine until I add a new video (mp4). I have still loaded 7 videos and they are all working. The video works correct if I just play it in media player, so I know it is not a problem with the video itself. I can play the video in preview on stage. The browser (preview, not loaded to a server) just can´t load the composition. If I remove the video, then it works with no problems. I tested it on Firefox and Chrome, both don´t work. I placed the video on different places, it´s not preloaded, I tried to start it automatically, tried to start it on button click...and so on. I put it to another place, so I can be sure it´s not loaded directly on start and I changed the video, take another one, but this does not work also. I have no Idea why the browser doesn´t load the composition by adding a new video.


      So my question is, is there a limitation in Edge Animate, let´s say, You can only use 10 Videos or You have a maximum size of videos? I can´t find anything about size or quantity limitations. Can anyone give me a hint?


      Many thanks


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          Yep, I've had the same problem with Firefox. If I'm not mistaken I believe this to be a limitation with Firefox not with Edge CC. Maybe they feel that a single html page shouldn't load more than 7 videos at a time.


          How I've got round this:

          Load some of the videos dynamically after the composition is ready.



          But if like me you need the videos ready pre-loaded, the only way I found was to force all the videos to load by refreshing the page a number of times. To do this automatically I set the html with a global variable with a timeout function to refresh the page until the composition finally loads. Ugly - I know, but couldn't find a better solution...



          <script type="text/javascript">

          var isFirefox = typeof InstallTrigger !== 'undefined';

          function FFreset(){


            var myReset = setInterval(function(){myTimer()},5000);

            function myTimer() {




              window.FFloaded = function FFloaded() {








          //Then in Edge CC after Composition ready: