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    GPU not working!!! Adobe take us for idiots

    RiderProd Level 1

      Ashamed !!!



      Buy a machine Mac Pro with two AMD Radeon HD FirePro D500 and they do not work in After Effects!



      Adobe has developed all his other programs why not ??? After Effect



      We can not even take advantage of our graphics cards!

      All on a trade war between Apple and Adobe !!!!



      I need of after that I use every day! But in its conditions is deplorable that we either users who devont level has trade problems



      I am very very top by Adobe services that promised an update for us MacPro users there are more than 2 years !!!!

      Adobe simply take users for idiots !!!






      Acheter une machine Mac Pro avec 2 cartes AMD Radeon HD FirePro D500 et elles ne fonctionnent pas sous After Effect!



      Adobe a développer tous ses autres programmes pourquoi pas After Effect???



      On ne peut même pas tirer profit de nos cartes graphiques!

      Le tout sur une guerre commerciale entre Apple et Adobe!!!!



      J'ai besoin d'after que j'utilise tous les jours! Mais dans ses conditions c'est déplorable que ce soit nous les utilisateurs qui devont palier a des problèmes commerciaux



      Je suis très très dessus par les services Adobe qui ont promis une mise a jour pour nous les utilisateur MacPro il y a plus de 2ans!!!!

      tout simplement Adobe prends les utilisateurs pour des cons!!!

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe doesn't have much GPU acceleration for AE and never really has. The Ray Tracer has been replaced for the most part  with the link for C4D. Even when Adobe was developing the Ray Tracer it was very limited when used. Most never used it. The GPU acceleration is predominantly Premiere, AME, Speedgrade, and Photoshop. Why would you buy a Mac and expect Adobe to have acceleration in place they quit developing on a while ago?