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    PowerPoint to pdf -- loss of image quality (samples provided)

    ste14978294 Level 1

      Hi there. We hope we can get some competent help. We tried to solve this for the past couple of hours, but no luck.


      We have a PPT PowerPoint file (MS Office 2007) which includes a couple of screenshots and other images, all in excellent/sufficient quality, but once we try to save the file as a PDF, the image quality decreases dramatically.


      Please note, we tried both the PowerPoint 'print as pdf' function, as well as converting the PPT directly in/through Adobe Acrobat. Same result. We played with the compression options, trying to minimize or even entirely switch off compression, no luck. We did some (safe) registry changes for PowerPoint, as suggested in other boards, also no luck. We tried many different pdf converters (not only Acrobat), nothing.


      Here's the picture quality in PowerPoint: http://ibin.co/2JfaGNGXCiXd

      Picture quality in the generated pdf: http://ibin.co/2JfaNF8Br5OQ

      Direct comparison PPT-->PDF: http://ibin.co/2JfaRImLmXaw

      PDF picture issue close-up (at 100% zoom level): http://ibin.co/2JfaRImLmXaw


      What are we doing wrong?


      Thank you for your help!!