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    Remove Project Folders

    DilbertIsMyHero Level 1
      I have searched the knowledge base and forums with no luck. I am probably just not using the proper search words!

      I created a main RoboHelp project and as the product has evolved, I have written the additional documentation in separate Word docs and imported them into RoboHelp when the time came. Well the development team has changed the majority of the interface and now I need to change the documentation that has already been imported into RoboHelp.

      Instead of having to update each topic one at a time, I would like to remove the folder(s) which contain this specific documentation from my RoboHelp project. It is easier sometimes to work in Word and re-import the complete section into RoboHelp than having to open each topic separately and replace all the graphics.

      How do I remove a complete folder(s) from a project? The structure is as follows:
      HTML Files (Topics)

      Thanks in advance for any help.