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    How to ignore video when importing? I am aware this has been asked 4 years ago, but I am sure there must be a better way today?

    Gerrit H

      I am currently evaluating lightroom to replace Apple Aperture as that is EOL. I am a professional filmmaker who does some photos on the side. Lightroom 6  insists on importing videos, unless I manually deselect them during import. I ABSOLUTELY NEED to reliably split photos and videos into different import and backup paths IMMEDIATELY when I put the Card in the computer on set. This way of manually deselecting is stressful, slow and error-prone. It makes me hate lightroom - that I otherwise like - on every card import.


      Is there really now way to tell lightroom to ignore the .mov files and stick to photos? This is very hard to believe for a professional software and unfortunately would be  a dealbreaker for me.


      Would love to find a way to do this, then I would be able to commit to light room for my photo needs.



      Gerrit Haaland