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    place completed documents from Illustrator to indesign - bleed space??

    caroshka Level 1



      I designed a folder containing 8 pages in Illustrator, that makes it 5 seperate Illustrator documents.

      To make it clearer for the printer, i want to make a pdf from it all in indesign.


      Now, i already placed those 5 ai documents in Indesign.


      - i already defined 4mm bleed marks in Illustrator,

      - it seems that everything that pops into the bleed space has not been placed inside the Indesign document...

      - i have set up the same bleed marks in indesign as in illustrator


      My question is:

      --> HOW can i have the 4 mm bleed that is contained in my Illustrator page also in the Indesign page?


      Hope someone can help me...