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    Flash Player Scheduled Task not created


      If I do a new installation of flash player the installation completes without error, but no scheduled task is created.


      If I then change the Flash Player settings manager to Notify, and then back to Allow Adobe to install updates (which I understand should re-create the scheduled task ) I get the following errors in the FlashInstall.log


      =X====== M/ 2015-10-20+08-21-39.304 ========

      2015-10-20+8-32-11.809 [error] 1226 1062
      2015-10-20+8-32-22.426 [error] 1292 0
      2015-10-20+8-32-22.462 [error] 1226 1062
      2015-10-20+8-32-23.611 [error] 1292 0


      any idea's what those errors mean ?

      I can manually create a scheduled task, but not sure why Flash installer cant create the task.

      This is on Windows 7 64bit, and have full admin rights on the PC.