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    Samsung NX Mini and LR CC2015.2.1 - Missing Exif Metadata


      I use LR CC 2015.2.1 on a Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) running MacOSX 10.11. I recently purchased a Samsung NX Mini which comes bundled with LR 5, so I would suppose that LR still supports the camera model. The jpg files created in-camera do have exif data containing the lens model. When I import the raw files into LR2015, the exif data do not show the lens model, and the exported pig-files will not show them either. I used the trial version of Iridient developer to verify that the problem is not related to the raw file. It correctly shows the lens information as expected.


      Is this a known problem?

      PS: I would have loved to attach a screenshot from iPhoto showing the exif info from the in-camera jpg and the LR-processed jpg file, but it seems that all common image types (jpg, tif, png) are forbidden???.