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    Extended licenses




      I work at a company that sells marketing for a living, and we are considering the possibility of using Adobe stock as our photo supplier for our own and our clients photos, and we have question regarding extended licenses.

      I have read that you offer the possibility for a extended licens, but it seems as if it is not yet available, is that still true?


      If yes, is there a possibility  to resell / use the photos we get with a standard license to our clients, and if yes how?


      thanks in advance for your answer.

      Best regards Louise

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Louise,


          Extended licenses for the images that are in Adobe Stock can be obtained through Fotolia.com. All the images you find on Adobe Stock will be on Fotolia.com as well.


          You cannot resell the images with the standard license. You may use the image in a project you are doing for the client but you can't sell the image. Best thing to do is to get the client to license the images.

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            Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

            Hi Brian,


            For this scenario, you need an extended license.


            From the FAQ - Adobe Stock Help | Common Questions


            Does Adobe Stock offer extended licenses allowing licensees to sell derivative products or services based on an image?

            At the moment, Adobe Stock offers only standard licenses, allowing the licensee to use the images for illustration purposes only.


            Extended licenses are available via Fotolia - Sizes and Licenses
            ~ Arpit