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    Some help with the same keyword list being shared between several users would be appreciated

    After Alice

      We're a Photography Group using Lightroom to store, edit, and manage a community archive. We are hosting several 1,000 photographs, with at least 100 being added every month. We have a Master PC running Lightroom 5 and on this we host the main archive of edited and keyworded images. We also have a Slave PC also running Lightroom 5 - this is used by members of the Group and the drop-in members of the community to add and edit their photographs before submitting them to the main archive. And we have anything up to 12 committed photographers actively taking images for the Project, who are doing their own editing and keywording at home using their own versions of Lightroom 5.


      We have a detailed Master Keyword list. As is appropriate for a community archive, it's long, hierarchical, and detailed, since it needs to identify images by their general content (building / transport /event etc) and by their specific content (being local towns and villages). All of the main photographers, and the master, and slave PCs are currently all hosting the same Keyword List.


      What we need to know is the most efficient way (if this is possible) to export keyworded images from individual photographers and from the Slave PC into the Archive PC without corrupting the keyword lists too much. We would like the Archive to be able to continue hosting a hierarchical list rather than a linear alphabetical one.