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    Very short dropouts in audio

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      My OS is Windows 10 and I use Premiere Elements 13.1.


      I have captured digital 8 mm videos using Sony DCR-TRV730E digital video camera. Results are files in AVI format. They play normally in Windows Media Playes and VLC Media Player. But when I add the video to PE 13.1, the audio part is in that way distorted that every now and then, exactly the time of one frame the audio is missing, i.e. there is just silence. If I use VLC media player, rip the audio off the video to a .wav file, and use this audio instead, there are no silent parts. But in a video of one hour, the ripped audio is seven frames too short. This can be managed by cutting seven frames along the video, but it is some trouble anyway.


      When looking at the properties of the clip, I found out that the source audio format is 32 kHz - 16 bit - Stereo, and project audio format is 32 kHz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo. Might this be the reason for the problem? On the other hand, I also have some full HD clips. These work OK although there is the corresponding difference in bit formats.

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          Some additional information. I have studied this dropout issue a bit further. The dropouts occur regularly, with an interval of 10.24 s. The length of the dropout may be a bit shorter than one 25 fps frame, say 35 ms. See the image below.


          A better way to manage this problem (bug?) is to lengthen the ripped audio in Audacity by 0.007 %, and replace the original audio with the lengthened one. For editing purposes, it is then useful to link video and audio. This causes a new problem. When I try to adjust a clip or apply an effect to it, PE tells me that I have selected multiple clips. So, I have first to unlink audio and video, and only then I can use these features. Luckily, fading is possible without unlinking.


          I warmly suggest that you fix this bug in PE.