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    Reduce file size




      I have 22 InDesign documents that all have different page sizes and contain 36 different layers in each document. I decided to consolidate these documents into 1. The problem I'm having is that when I delete all bar 1 of the pages from my new multi page document and save the file the documents file size doesn't compare to the size of the original single page version of the document i.e.


      original single page document = 3.3mb

      multipage document with only 1 page remaining = 19.5mb


      I have tried a Save As and overwritten the file but still no joy in bringing the file size down. The only way I can seem to make the file smaller is to export the document as an idml.


      The large document size also seems to have an effect on the size of a PDF as well.


      original single page document exported as pdf = 1.5mb

      multipage document with only 1 page remaining = 9.9mb


      The contents of both document are exactly the same it's just that the multipage document has had all bar 1 pages deleted.


      Many Thanks,