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    Where are the pdf files created for indesign cc library items?


      It says in the instructions for the CC library that

      "Since a copy of every InDesign object is stored in the form of a PDF file, when you use this object in Illustrator or PhotoShop, these applications use the PDF rendition of the object."


      Is it possible to access these pdf files?


      We use the CC library quite extensively, but there are people in our firm who need to see the content of items (a group of text boxes and images) that have been saved as one artwork item in the Indesign CC library, but do not have an adobe license, as they do not actually work in the Adobe programs. They need to easily see the content for their own reference, so short of us creating hundreds of pdfs based on our cc library, I wonder if it is possible to access the pdf form of these CC library items. (As well, we are continually updating these items, so if the items are automatically created as pdfs, it would be very helpful to access them, so that we don't have to keep updating our files with new pdfs every time we update the CC library item).