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    Lens Flare on Family Photo

    nicolek59747998 Level 1


      I'm using my iPad and I have both Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Fix. I have a family photo that has a big lens flare on someones head, is there a way to get it off using these apps or am I going to have to use a computer photoshop to get it off.

      Thank you!


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          kchopra Adobe Employee

          Hi nicolek59747998 ,


          Were you able to edit your photo ? If not you may try multiple options like -


          1. If it like an unwanted spot you can use Blemish tool in Photoshop Express or Spot heal tool in Photoshop Fix.

          2. You can use dark tool of Photoshop Fix.

          3. You can patch the affected area by unaffected area using the patch tool of Photoshop Fix.

          4. You can even paint the affected area with a dark color using paint tool in PS Fix


          Hope this Helps!