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    Flickr API Issues (NASA)


      We are having issues at NASA with the Flickr API with LR v2015.2.1


      We use the Flickr API to upload an share images on http://www.flickr.com/photos/nasahqphoto


      We populate the IPTC metadata fields in LR prior to upload, including keywords.  We are noticing that since the most recent upgrade to LR 2015.2.1 our keywords are being posted as we want and also once again as separated once posted to Flickr.


      Example: LR Keywords; Washington, Administrator, NASA Headquarters, Charles Bolden

      Will now show up on Flickr as: Washington, Administrator, NASA Headquarters, Charles Bolden, NASA, Washington, Charles, Bolden


      Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know of a fix?  This is a big issue for us as the API is usually a big time saver for post editing on the Flickr site.


      P.S. - Add my name to the growing list of very unhappy users of the new import dialog.


      Thank you,

      Bill Ingalls


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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Hello Bill,


            I was able to reproduce the same behavior (just used your same set of keywords). Unfortunately, this isn't something that Lightroom is doing, it is simply how Flickr treats keywords now. You may notice that Flickr has added something new to keywords. Next to "Tags" is a new "Beta" flag. This automatically adds keywords to your images. This isn't the direct cause of the behavior, as those keywords will show up differently when Flickr adds them. However, if, on the Flickr website, you add a keyword that has a space, Flickr will interpret that space as a separation and add two keywords. It seems to work alright if you add multiple keywords separated by commas, then it treats the spaces correctly. But here's the kicker, if you download the file that Lightroom has sent to Flickr and look at the embedded keywords, you'll see that it looks exactly the same as it did in Lightroom:


          In Lightroom:

          Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.13.08 AM.png


          On Flickr:

          Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.13.57 AM.png


          Downloaded File:

          Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.14.31 AM.png


          So you can see that the keywords Lightroom is adding are correct on the file itself, the problem is Flickr is reading this information incorrectly. You should contact Flickr and let them know that their new system of reading and adding keywords has some bugs that need ironing out (it's still beta, so should be relatively easy for them to get a fix).

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            bcingalls Level 1

            Brett ~


            Thank you for the quick reply.  Unfortunately I'm not sure this is a Flickr issue, (although we remain open to any solution)


            Some additional testing that we did.

            1. On an older LR v2015.1.1 the API upload works great. (keywords are as they appear in LR on Flickr)

            2. With the LR v2015.2.1, if we export a final jpeg file and then use Flickr's upload, the keywords are fine.


            also - our account has the auto tags option turned off. (auto added tags show up with a different look if/when they were turned on)


            I would think that all of this seems to point to the API in LR.




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              @ADelcorde_Hotmail Level 1

              hi Bill,

              Why not trying to use the Flickr plugin of Jeffrey Friedl (Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin) and see what the results are?

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                bcingalls Level 1

                Thank you. We may very well look into that, but we had a very good workflow with LR's built-in publisher to Flickr until the upgrade.


                I have just taken my LR back to version 6.1 and the API works great with Flickr and I have the old import which is much better. Hoping all will be remedied soon with LR so I, and the NASA Photo team, can get current.

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                  Brett N Adobe Employee

                  Interesting. I tried working with Lightroom 5 and I do indeed see that this behavior does not occur. After downloading the file, I see the exact same keywords in each case. I wasn't aware of our team making any changes for the Flickr plug-in but it seems they are there. I'll let the team know about this so we can have it repaired in a future update.

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                    bcingalls Level 1

                    Thank you Brett.  Will you keep us updated on this?

                    Thanks again.

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                      Brett N Adobe Employee

                      Can't really talk about behind the scenes type of stuff, things that haven't been released yet. ButI can update this thread once we've made some information public. But I can't make any promises on how long that will take.

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                        johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                        I was able to reproduce this with CC 2015.2.1. There are two workarounds:


                        - Use this third-party Flickr plugin: Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin. The author has an excellent reputation and generally maintains his publishing plugins better than Adobe does theirs.  His plugins offer more features but are more complicated to set up.


                        - Roll back to CC 2015.1.1, as described here: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-do-i-roll-back-to-lightroom-2015-1-1-or-lightroom-6-1-1/. Many, many people have rolled back because of all the issues with CC 2015.2, and even Adobe is now telling people to roll back if they encounter serious problems.


                        I filed a bug report in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: Flickr publish service incorrectly handles multi-word keywords in 2015.2.1. Please add your vote and details to that topic, to make it more likely that Adobe will address the issue in the next release.  You'll also be notified when there are any updates.