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    cachePolicy not working - Bug?

    Borming d.o.o.
      Hello all,

      I am currently trying too build a simple maping app in Flex 2. The application consists of 1 SWF map and a Canvas that hosts that SWF. The SWF loader is working perfectly, and dragging the SFW across the Canvas works also. The problem is that the SWF dragging is slow without cachePolicy set to on on the SWFLoader. The problem is when i scale (zoom) my SWF beyond 2000px width, the dragging becomes slow again, its like cachePolicy is set to off automaticly. Does anyone know is this a Flex bug or my mistake.

      Also, i have another problem with the code, and any help would be apriciated.
      I zoom my SWF with scaleX and scaleY, but the scales by default work so they scale the SWF at bottom and right sides, not from the center. If anyone has some mapping expirience, i would be greatfull to hear on how to scale/zoom my map proportionaly from the center of the canvas, not the x,y of the SWF itself.

      thx in advanced.