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    AE 2015 Viewer Processing Feedback?

    RobertJF Level 1

      Previously in AE, when you changed a value, or scrubbed to a different frame, it would display a little progress bar/sideways barber pole type thing to let you know that it was still processing the new frame and that what you were looking at wasn't current. Where did this go in 2015? I'm working on very dense comps that occasionally take several seconds to update depending on what I'm doing, and I'm never sure if what I'm looking at is real or if it's still busy processing the frame. Sometimes I'll turn a layer off to see if it's actually doing anything and it looks like it isn't, but then a while later suddenly the frame updates without ever having given me any indication that it was thinking about it. Is there a way to see if the viewer is up to date other than looking to see if a miniscule green tick mark has appeared next to the play head to indicate that it is in memory? Looking at a cpu usage graph in istatmenus or whatever is also not a suitable solution since I have command line renders going on in the background frequently. Thanks!