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    Need Help Aligning Stacked Text

    kmc27 Level 1

      I am using InDesign CS4 on a Macintosh desktop. I am trying to align the percent symbol shown below, with the word "off". I am using paragraph styles and character styles to manipulate the text. An InDesign file with this sample text is located here.


      The paragraph style used is "PercentOff". The paragraph style also includes GREP to apply "Percent" and "Off" character styles. The "Percent" character style has a -875 tracking value which pulls the word "OFF" into position - which I think should be affecting the % symbol and not the word "OFF". But I cannot manipulate the % symbol so that the left edge of the percent symbol aligns with the left side of the letter "O" in off. Any ideas on how to get the percent symbol and the word "OFF" to align would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.