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    What's the preferred way of setting up magazine or newspaper columns?

    mbrannon47 Level 1

      I'm so impressed by InDesign, and tools like keep options make managing text fields a pleasure. I see a lot of magazines that have clean columns, often with vertical bars in between to offer separation. I have also noticed designers have reflowed the text around certain graphics, tables, quotes, and and other objects. I have included a sample for reference, and I have three questions about the best practices for achieving these results:


      1. What's the best way to set up reusable, multi-column text fields, especially in longer publications like magazines and newspapers?


      2. Is there an easy way to create lines between the the columns as opposed to manually drawing lines each time?


      3. Is there a quick and easy way to have text reflow around complex objects, or is it necessary to use the Add Anchor Point Tool to create additional points for the text field?