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    Cursor positioning

      How can you get the current position of the blinking cursor in a text area and is there a way to set this position programmatically?
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          dimival Level 1
          There is a setSelection( ) method which lets you select the text in an specific range determined by an start and end indexes, if these indexes are the same then the cursor is positioned on that index, example:

          textArea.setSelection(4, 4);

          that will set the cursor on the index 4 of the text inside a textArea
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            cstormer Level 1
            Thanx for You answer man but I need curent position in pixels.Do You have any idea about that?
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              dimival Level 1
              Nope, not really
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                This is an old post, but exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately no answer. Does anyone know how to get the current position in pixels in a TextArea?
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                  theLoggerGuy Level 1
                  The Internet has all the answers. I modified this from someone else's code (unfortunately I can't find the originator's uri)

                  package components
                  import mx.controls.TextArea;
                  import mx.controls.TextInput;
                  import mx.core.UIComponent;

                  public class AdvancedTextArea extends TextArea
                  public function AdvancedTextArea( ):void

                  override protected function createChildren( ):void
                  super.createChildren( );

                  public function get caretPosition( ): int
                  return textField.caretIndex;

                  public function set caretPosition( newPostion: int ): void
                  this.selectionBeginIndex = newPostion;
                  this.selectionEndIndex = newPostion;

                  Declare it thusly:

                  <local: AdvancedTextArea id="myAta"/>

                  Access the cursor position:

                  trace ( "current position " + myAta.caretPosition );