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    Tool panels collapsed everytime when reopening InDesign.

    Akaleus Level 1

      I've had this issue for the past couple of versions of InDesign.  I have a very specific tool panel layout that I like to use and I have it saved as a preference.  My preferences of what panels I want and where are correct.  But every time I close InDesign and reopen it the panels are all collapsed.  They are the correct panels and in the correct place but I have to go and expand all of them to get them all open.  This seems a bit trivial but it's a nuisance as I don't want to have to keep InDesign running 24/7 as I use this computer for other purposes (namely gaming).  Anyone have any clues as to why this is happening?  It's been going on for a couple years now and it's getting a bit old.


      Here are some screenshots of exactly what I'm talking about:


      Panels Collapsed (how they appear when I open InDesign and open a document)


      panels collapsed.PNG



      Panels Open (How I would like them to appear every time I open InDesign.

      panels open.PNG