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    GTX570 not used

    traveler6666 Level 1

      Although my GPU is recognized and shown as passed within Lightroom 6.2.1 there is absolutely no utilization of the card (e.g. GPZ-Z).  How can this be fixed?


      Additionally, I am really disappointed how LR utilizes a new PC with 32GB RAM I7-6700K two SSDs and 2 x Raids (0 and 5) with  fresh W10/64 install where everything! (CPU, Disks, RAM, GPU=0) is only utlized by less then 50% and I am waiting infront of the PC for LR! This has not changed since LR 1.0!

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi traveler6666,



          • GPU will be used only when you are working in the develop module, as an example if you do hdr merge or you do some editing.
          • I am not quite sure by your second question.
            • is LR using more that 50% of the CPU or LESS that 50% ?




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            traveler6666 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            I will check with the GPU. So it is not used generating the previews?!


            In general, when I use LR my PC is less then 50% utilized. So where are the brakes? It is a Z170 with enough PCI lanes.

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              Phil323uk Level 2


              The first post here from Eric Chan will give you info on what to expect with GPU acceleration.



              And this link will give some general info on GPU acceleration in general.


              As you can see from this your GPU is not on Adobe's recommended list.


              You might get better performance by turning off GPU support in Lightroom.

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                rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi again,


                • It does use GPU while generating the previews, but it does not really use a lot of resources while generating the preview.
                  • Try updating the drivers if you have some issues with the GPU and LR - Drivers | GeForce
                • LR will use, depending on your work flow only that amount of CPU which it requires, and less that 50% is enough with the configuration you have.




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                  traveler6666 Level 1

                  Thanks for the quick replys.


                  The GPU was - I believer - recommended when I purchased it 3 years ago for Adobe Premiere Pro and it works with it. I updated the driver with no real improvement.


                  Concerning the overall performance: Why do I have to wait in front of the PC for lightroom to generates preview in snail speed? The hdd is utilized with about 1 MB/s! Yesterday night I was waiting 30 seconds for it to generate a preview from a jpg! RAWs were about the same time. If this is the performance increase that was announced with the version 6, I go back to Version 5.



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                    rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

                    Hi again,

                    • As Philip has said it is not a tested graphics card with LR 6, so rather than making LR work faster it can cause more issues to it.
                    • Uncheck use graphics processor in Preferences - Performance
                    • Restart LR and then check again.