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    Standardized Location / Size for Signatures ...


      Hello, please excuse this post if this question has been answered, but I could not find it in the search.


      I work for an engineering firm and we need to apply two digital signatures to each drawing sheet.

      1. The engineer's state seal
      2. The digital signature


      I know there are different opinions on the necessity of signing each sheet, but this is what our legal team has determined we need to do.


      I have everything ready to go and am working on the best practice for my staff to use in signing the sheets. The issue I have is that I need a way for the signature fields to be inserted at the correct location on the page and in the correct dimensions so they are identical on every sheet for every project. I know that my staff can use the Forms tool to insert a signature field and then use the properties to locate and size it. I am just hoping there is a more efficient way to do this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      - KFD -

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Send the requirement back. Signing each sheet with a digital signature is plain wrong. Once you get beyond a handful of signatures the file will become unstable and unusable. Digital signatures, legally and practically, apply to an entire document, and are not an analog of a signed piece of paper. The crucial thing about digital signatures is that the visual appearance is completely unimportant. This must be grasped by everyone involved in the process, otherwise they will form the habit of inspecting the page rather than the signature. Once people stop checking the actual (off page) signature, all protection is lost and falsification becomes trivial.


          Of course it is entirely in order to put a visible stamp on each page before signing once, so that printed copies can fulfil individual need or meet paper requirements. But digital signatures are not appropriate for that purpose.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            It is possible to use JavaScript to precisely place a stamp and digital signature field. So you could create a custom tool, menu item, or toolbar button that places the stamp on each page and add a digital signature field on one of the pages, and the user could then sign the signature field. More information is in the Acrobat JavaScript reference. Post again if you get stuck.

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              Caveat: if your sheets are one per file, none of what I said applies. Sorry if that's the case.

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                what to do if i want to apply signature field in all pages.....

                m using developer account and api for send document....i use this code to place signature field but it can only placed in one page or i have to write for all pages....


                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->locations[0]->height = 20;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->locations[0]->left = 70;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->locations[0]->pageNumber = 2;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->locations[0]->top =  165;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->locations[0]->width = 200;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->name = "SignatureOEPL".$Fid;

                $sendDoc->documentCreationInfo->formFields[$Fid]->inputType = 'SIGNATURE';

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                  Read the thread and give up the idea.