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    DnxHR codec color/gamma shift


      Hello everybody!


      I have made some render tests recently and I realized that every dnxhr codec (high quality 8/10b, standard quality, low quality) has a small color color and gamma shift, the 444 option creates an identical image as the original one. I found this really strange, I don t have any problem with the DnxHD version of the codec, also in Davinci Resolve the DnxHR codec is working as it should be no shifts, etc. Also, the name of the codec preset in DaVinci Resolve and AE is different. Is this problem has anything to do with the avid DNxHR codec configuration - v 2.3.7? It s like the program is using the old codec instead of the new 2.6.


      I have tried in CC 2014, CC 2015 with every update.


      Thank you for your answer in advance!

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          would like to second that question, I get the exact same issue.

          444 works fine, any other taste gives me a gamma shift; regardless if set to 709 or RGB.


          It's not even a legal range thing, when I apply legal range to the DNxHR file the gamma seems to match but there's also a color shift then. It's a bit annoying and a solution would be great

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            Yeah I can confirm this, the gamma shift is really bad and noticeable. The 422 options become brighter and more flat, the 444 option gives no gamma shift at all.

            Too bad since 444 gives way too large files, and DNxHR 422 seem like a much better option than both ProRes (soft and compression artifacts) and Cineform (large files, and is limited to only widescreen aspects etc, and crashes Premiere often )

            Avid does not seem to want to reply or recognize this, but the gamma shift is really bad

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              Post_Edison_SZ Level 1

              This is not an Avid problem!!!!! the codec works perfectly under avid media composer, or davinci resolve. This is an !!!Adobe!!! problem and they just don't care about it. The codec configuration should be 2.6 and not 2.3.7 just to start with... It's insane that they don t do anything while DnxHR is probably the only good alternative to ProRess if you are windows based. Also the problem is not new... Why is it so hard Adobe?