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    Publish swf with AIR class

      Hi all,

      I am tying to publish swf that will be loaded into my AIR application.
      Since it use it has a reference to classes that use the File object I can not publish it just as swf, I need to publish it as AIR or i get a compiler error. is there a way to publish it as swf without createing .Air package?

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          If you are using Flash CS4, you can just publish the project as an AIR application. This will not only create an AIR package, it will also produce a SWF file that you can use. You could also add the airglobal.swc as a library to a Flash-type project (but I think the first way is easier).

          If you are using Flex Builder or the SDK to create a library SWC, you will need to add a reference to airglobal.swc to the Flex Builder project, or use call the component compiler with acompc instead compc on the command line. (To get the library swf file, you then unzip the .swc file and extract Library.swf.)
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            bugCreator Level 1
            I using Flash CS4, and i don't wont a AIR package for every swf in my project!
            every publish - take time and space. - i have no need in the AIR package.