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    What happens to glossaries & indexes when you merge projects?

      I'm working on several little RoboHelp projects that all get merged into several big RoboHelp projects. For each client some help is reusable and some help has to be customized. I just started doing mergedProjects and I was wondering what happenes to the glossaries and indexes. For example, can each child project have a glossary that is then merged with the parent glossary upon generation?

      I actually have two other unrelated questions as well that I thought I would throw into this posting:
      (1) Is there any means of mass producing topics? For example, when I start a project I have to create a topic for each screen. The developer gives me a list of screens and I have to manually create each topic. Is there a way to import a spreadsheet or something and mass produce topics with a specific master page?
      (2) Is there a way to insert a date inside the topic so that when a change is made just to that topic the date is updated to today's date? Most of my clients want to know the date each topic was last updated. Usually I just type in the date after I do an update to a topic, but I thought there may be a more automated way.

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Steph

          I believe in a merged setup you see a merged Glossary and Index.

          Hmmm, mass producing topics. Well, you could create a Microsoft Word document and ensure you are consistent with styles. Ensure Heading 1 is used for the beginning of each section that begins describing the screen. Then you could import the Word document into RoboHelp and have it create a new topic for each Heading 1.

          You may insert a field that will store the date. You have an option of auto-updating the field but that's a bit risky in my view. If you allow it to auto-update and open the topic by mistake, it would auto-update to the incorrect date. If you aren't auto-updating, you would need to manually update. Not much better really than just typing the date in as there is an action required.

          Cheers... Rick