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    Please help - I can't get my InDesign CS2 installed after resetting my dumb Windows 8 latop


      I tried Support Chat, and received this response:

      "I understand that you are facing issue with CS2 but I would like to inform you that as this is a very old version, its no more supported over the chats and calls. The concerned team is on Adobe forums. I would like to suggest you to post your query on Adobe forums and the team will reply to your post and will assist you on this."

      I realize it is too old, but it is all I have, and I need to get it working again. It worked fine before I had to reset my laptop to factory settings. Now I won't accept the Serial Number on the box, and because the laptop crashed, I don't have the serial number I was given last time I had to do this.

      Can someone just help me get back up and running again? Thanks