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    ViewStack and Tree Control Problems

    WestSide Level 1

      I have an tree component (mx:tree) that displays a list of categories. When you click a category in the tree it loads a datagrid "view" which is within a viewstack. In the datagrid there are a bunch of records being displayed. Next if you click a record in the grid I show a "detail" view which is also within the same viewstack.

      Tree Component

      - view 1 (start page)
      - view 2 ( data grid view )
      - view 3 (detail view)

      So if I am looking at the detail view and I click the category in the tree that is already selected, it does not switch me to view 2. However, if I click any other category in the tree besides the currently selected one it switches me to view 2 which is what I want.

      I am using the "click" event of the tree as opposed to the "change" event because the "change" event does not fire if you click an already selected item in the tree.

      Any help appreciated, I have been struggling for days on this behavior.