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    Receive HTTP500 error on Coldfusion 11 / Win2K12 when enabling 32 bit applications


      I'm in a catch 22 situation


      I've got Coldfusion 11 (64 bit) running on Win2K12 server with IIS 64 bit.


      I have a 32bit COM object I'm trying to use. I've setup a classic ASP page to test it because Coldfusion breaks when I set "Enable 32 Bit Applications" to TRUE within IIS for the DefaultAppPool.

      Enabling 32 Bit applications allows the object to be created however doing this breaks Coldfusion with an HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error


      Detailed Error Information:


      Module   IsapiModule
      Notification   ExecuteRequestHandler
      Handler   cfmHandler
      Error Code   0x800700c1


      When I set "Enable 32 Bit Applications" to FALSE, Coldfusion starts working but then I cannot create by object.



      Automation server can't create object

      line 6


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank you!