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    Export photos to a specific size




      I need to export a load of photos in Lightroom, but I have a couple specific requests from a client.


      1) They need to be 300dpi

      2) They need to be under 2mb each


      What settings would I need to check during export to turn my D800 JPGs which are obviously much bigger than 2MB, into ones that match the requested size.



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          dj_paige Level 10

          We see these requests from time to time, and my initial reaction is that your client is confused, that's not what he really needs, but I don't know what he needs.


          1. The request for 300 dpi probably should say 300 ppi, and this is a totally meaningless request for a digital photo (but not meaningless if it is going to be printed, but we'd need more information about what size prints are going to be made)
          2. In the Lightroom export dialog box, under File Settings, there is a field which lets you set the maximum size of the export.


          Lastly, I point out that if your client is trying to do what I think he is trying to do, the two requests are contradictory, you really shouldn't apply both restrictions to the same photo, it simply doesn't make sense.


          You might want to question your client further about what (s)he wants, and perhaps offer advice. Or I can certainly understand if you don't want to question the client further.


          I hope this helps.

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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi musicbydavidrosen,


            Once you select Jpeg under File Settings, Please set Limit File Size To: 2048k  keeping the resolution to 300 and then try to export and check the file size.




            Please let us know if it help.