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    Memory Issue


      When keying 4K or sometimes non 4K footage, I keep getting an error message "Unable to allocate 0.000MB of memory". However, when I check my system memory usage, it still got 34% of spare memory. It is odd to me also, because I set AE to use 93% of the memory. It seems to me that AE is not using the amount of memory it supposed to.


      Also, sometimes when I zoom in the composition panel, the image unnecessarily refreshes.


      The problem is solved temporarily when I restart the application or even restart the computer, but I don't believe this is a solution. When it comes to a big project where we are having hundreds of 4K VFX shots, it majorly slows down our workflow.


      This wasn't happening in AE CC 2014.


      I work in a small studio and my co-workers have the same issue. I don't know if anybody else have mentioned the similar issue or Adobe is working on it already, but I hope this issue will be fixed asap.


      We are using iMacs,

      OSX 10.9.5 and OSX 10.10;

      3.5 GHz i7

      32 GB Memory

      1TB Fusion drive.


      I am not a programmer, so if any Adobe folks need any other information to address the issue, please post below.


      PS: I can't really file a bug report, because the project file requires some production footage which I am not allow to provide.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just describe the  footage and provide specifications in your bug report. You don't need the footage to file one. Try to be very concise in your description of the workflow and provide a screenshot of the layers in question showing any modified properties.