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    How do I activate Lightroom with my serial number?


      The most recent update to Lightroom caused the dreaded error "The application was unable to start correctly . . ."  I tried the suggested helps on the web and forums but nothing worked.  I decided that I would just reinstall the software so, using the CC app, I uninstalled the software.  After that, my only option for reinstalling was to load the trial version.  Thinking that I could do that and then enter my serial number for activation, I installed the trial.  The trial version runs just fine now but, I have no place that I can tell of to load my serial number and get my software back.  The trial version is continuing to click down days.


      Does anyone know how I can get my LR assigned back to my serial number?  I have the Windows desktop version and not the CC version.  This has caused another problem because the trial version is 6.2 but, I know the desktop version is only 6.1.  Can someone please help?  I scoured Adobe's site for a way to contact someone but found nothing.


      Thanks in advance,