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    Relationship btwn FM link and output folder

      I'm a Word/FM/WWP user evaluating the TCS trial - FM 9 and RH 8. Lots of good stuff in it, but some that I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around. For example:
      -- I create Project A.
      -- RH saves Project A; the various !xxx! folders; and an FMBook folder with a topic folder for each FM file.
      -- From RH, I do a Link to FMBook.
      -- RH now saves Project A; the !xxx! folders; FMBook and files; FMBook2 and files.

      Subsequent changes are applied to the topic files for FMBook2 but on View Display, RH shows me the material from FMBook. Can someone explain why it's creating FMBook2 and how I can avoid this? Thanks,

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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2
          Here is a more elaborate explanation about the creation and details of various folders involved.

          # New project created by the user
          # RH creates the Project Folder. (NoFMBook or !SSL! folder generated)
          # FMBook is linked to RH project and updated by the user
          # RH creates a FMBook folder(say FolderA) in the project folder with subfolder for each FM chapter in FMBook.
          # SSL generated from RH by the user
          # !SSL! folder with the corresponding output subfolder generated. The output folder has FMBook folder(say FolderB) and chapter subfolders.

          Any modification needed should be done in the topic present in the original folder(FolderA) and again the SSL should be generated to reflect it in the ouput to be viewed by the end user.