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    PS Touch Spray Tool Problem


      I have as Samsung Touch GT-N8013 on which Photoshop Touch was pre-installed.

      I recently  upgraded the pre-nstalled version to  version 1.4.2 

      Now, if I make any mark with the Spray tool, PS Touch closes the mark with straight line to the start point of the mark.

      Fro example, if I make a backwards C,  PS Touch will close the mark so it looks like a D

      How can I get a version that has this corrected, or revert back to the version without this bug?


      I chatted with someone at Samsung, who recommended I go to Settings --> Application Manager --> All -->  PS Touch  and then  touch   "Force Stop", "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache"


      This did not fix the problem.  Please advise what should be tried next, or how I can get a version of PS Touch without this bug.