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    I have over 6000 duplicate photos in FIle Explorer. I have deleted many of them. However, when I went into adobe elements 13, the duplicates remained there. Why didnt they delete in Adobe? Thought all files r from 1 library & just uploaded to diff. progs

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      I have over 6000 duplicate photos in FIle Explorer. I am deleting them by using extensions, or many of them had the word copy after the ext. So I've deleted maybe 800. But have a long way to go. I know that Adobe finds duplicates but when I went to use it, it told me to use Viusal Similarity Instead. First of all, I am just starting to use this program, so I know very little. But there are percentages on each picture, what do they mean? Second, if I delete all those pictures, is there still an original that will remain? And I dont understand if I deleted them in Files Explorer, which is where I imported them from to Adobe, why does Adobe still have duplicates? Please help! I have been trying to print out my Italy pictures for a year, but there was a problem with my old PC and when I got my new laptop, somehow, the pictures duplicated a few times. Now everything is an unorganized mess and my Italy pictures are interspersed with all my other pics. I need an efficient way to delete duplicates from all photo programs and I thought using File explorer would do that. Thank you anyone who can help me at least delete them and make sure 1 original remains of each photo. (And please dont forget to tell me what the percentages mean, and explain why it didnt let me use duplicate finder instead of Visual Sim.) @@