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    Problems exporting in AE CC


      I'm having problems with my export from After Effects CC. Whenever I export my file keeps coming out faster than what it was originally suppose to be. I imported an MOV into AE, I didn't change any of the timing for the MOV, just the compositions frame rate to match my original MOV, which is 29.97. I just had to add in some 3D text over my MOV, and I exported. When I exported I chose different options because my file still kept coming out faster than it was originally. I exported as an animation, as Apple Pro Res, as XD Cam, all to Quicktime. I'm not sure what's wrong, but it seems like AE keeps compressing my files to be a few frames faster, and it looks a little glitchy when it's exported. Is this a frame rate problem? Or am I in the wrong setting when I export?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without exact info nobody can tell you anything. Render settings can still override your comp framerate and without knowing your system and what tools you use to actually review your footage, just saying that it plays faster is not a useful statement. Some players simply misinterpret framerate settings as well.



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            BeeRad808 Level 1

            I think I found my problem in FCP. My timeline was set to a 23.98 editing time base, and my clips were set to 29.97 before that, so when I exported for AE they were shorter than normal. Then I was also exporting from AE as 29.97. So I just made a new timeline. I was exporting to quicktime for everything. But thanks for the help.