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    Powerpoint Import


      Hi Trying out Captivate. I always work in powerpoint and would like to know

      1. Can captivate import all PP features including animations/transitions? Or is it easier to add animations later in Captivate.

      2. Is there a way we can demonstrate 'notes' in PP under the slide as a 'narrative text' along the slide in Capitvate? Or is there a provision to create such text field alongside slide in Captivate later?

      3. In Text to Speech, does it translates text on slides or text in notes below slide?



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Overall it's easier to build from the ground up in Captivate and forget about PowerPoint.


          Captivate doesn't convert PPT slide objects into Captivate objects.  So nothing on the PPT slides is really editable from Captivate.  You have to 'roundtrip edit' which means opening up the original PPT presentation (either embedded inside the CPTX file or linked to it) and then save your changes to update what you see in Captivate.


          IF by NOTES you are referring to Closed Captioning, then the answer is YES, Captivate can do this, using Slide Note lines marked as CC text.


          TTS is generated from Slide Note lines that are marked for TTS.  After any changes made to the TTS text you need to regenerate the audio again.

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            sj456 Level 1

            Thanks Rod, I will give it a go and see.