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    Backup - external hard drive vs cloud?

    hansel gretel

      Also, if cloud backup ok, then have particular providers to recommend or to stay clear of?  Thinking of using Backblaze.    If recommend using an external drive then which one?  Considering Ramjet.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My understanding is that you get 2Gig of Adobe Cloud storage with the special Photography Plan, and 20Gig of Adobe Cloud storage with the full plan


          It you want to ask about Cloud storage from another company, you will need to find a forum for that company


          If you have a lot of files, buying a USB hard drive works well... go to www.newegg.com and read drive reviews, Adobe does not sell drives

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            Hi hansel gretel,


            Rather than steer you to a specific direction, I'd rather point out what you need to consider so you can make your own informed decision.


            My advice would be to write down what's important to you in order of priorities, such as data availability, privacy, security, redundancy and cost.


            To start you with, I listed down 2 of what I considered "major" myself based on my own unique situation. That means you may also have your own unique set of preferences and circumstance that only you are aware of.


            Like all technologies, both backup options, hard drive and cloud has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages that will affect you personally as a user.


            For transparency, I prefer a hard drive myself. That's because I live in a country where internet connection is not so great, and my own personal trust issues with regards to third party handling of what I would classify personal and "for your eyes only" (I love James Bond movies) data. .


            I only listed 2, so here, I invite everyone to add their own unique reasons and hopefully they strike a chord with you.


            My top 2


            1.  Network Connections Dependency

            Cloud services needs network connections to work.


            When the network is down, cloud services are down as well. Also, when the network runs slowly, services tends run slowly as well. That is not to say that internet nor cloud computing providers don't take any precautions to ensure they deliver a great uptime, but all the same for me, the risk will always be there.


            2. Data Ownership

            The basic question "who owns the uploaded data, the service provider or the uploader?


            MY biggest issue with cloud is data ownership. For you it can either be a minor or a major obstacle.


            I realized although ownership rights are generally covered by a contract and copyright laws, they tend to differ by country. That data created in one country, but then stored in another, the legal rules that apply can be a bit blurry.


            When you go for CLOUD

            Make sure to read the fine print (I have read a few) as this rules are somehow arbitrary. It is a fact that many cloud service providers include in their terms and conditions the right to manipulate the data they are storing to create new metadata sets (which may or may not be used for marketing purposes).


            Also be aware, there are certain types of data that you are not allowed to upload. A non-issue of course, assuming you are not into pornography, or into stealing copyrighted and trademarked materials.


            For some, the lack of a hard drive is an advantage - nothing to bring, to forget or to leave behind. However, for those who use programs that needs an attached hard drive, this may be unacceptable.


            When you go for EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE

            Here are 2 other site's where you can research..




            Assuming you are using Mac, look for time machine compatibility, USB3.0 or better still (but a bit on the high-end), Thunderbolt.


            Hope this helps.