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    "Suggestive" validators (suggestors?)

      Is there any way to do this? For example, I have a "signup" type form (name, email, address, hobbies, etc.)... Certain fields would be required and have their respective validators (name, email, phone)... But other fields (hobbies, homepage, etc.), I would like to recommend that the user fill them in before submitting the info, but it's OK if they don't... Is there any type of "suggestion validator" that can accomplish this, or do you just have to handle all the logic yourself...??? Or can you actually just do it with validators and I'm missing something obvious...??? Just wondering...
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          Peter Hahmann Level 1

          There is nothing like a "sugestion validator" in Flex framework. But as you said, you can validate those fields with your own logic. I would sugest you create your own "sugestion validator" class to use it in your project, sou it would be easier to handle. Depending on what you plan to do, you cold extend TextInput and create a flag, required or optional and create your own validator, which would handle each Field acording to its flag.

          (I personaly hate flex validators, i always create my own lib).

          I hope that my post was useful.

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            Richard_Abbott Level 3
            don't know if it helps but recently I asked about how to code auto-complete text entry boxes where some suggestions were shown after you typed a first character - see recent thread "Mimic browser prior-value suggestions for text input" for ideas offered by a couple of people.
            Although this was fairly specific to name-fields starting with a given letter sequence, I guess you could quite easily change the logic to offer some themed options.