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    Storing LR adjustments in a PSD file

    UncleDobby Level 1

      I am running LR CC2015 and PS CC.  My question is as follows...  If I perform a LR adjustment to an existing PSD file, eg, a crop or slider adjustment, does that adjustment get written into the PSD file.  My experience from a small experiment is NO.  I did a crop on a PSD file (in LR) and then exited LR.  Opened the PSD in PS CC separately and the crop is not there.  I then changed the filename - tried again - same result - no crop.  I launched LR again - imported the renamed PSD file into LR and it recognised the crop that I performed on the original PSD.  How did it do that???

      Is there some way that I can force my LR adjustments to 'stick' in the PSD file - similar to a DNG?