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    Clone Stamp Position Issue


           I'm having a rather odd issue that I can't wrap my head around.  I was following a tutorial for removing background objects, in my case house lights that should not have been seen.  Basically it had me create a clone stamp to remove the section.  Then use the track motion tool to track the light.  Then copy and paste the position from the attach point of the tracking tool to the position of clone 1.  For the y it stays fairly spot on, but for the x it ends up adding 100 to 600 to the number randomly, which of course puts the clone in the wrong spot to far right.  If I import an image and then paste it on there, the position stays the same, so I have another option to fix this, but I'm hoping that for future reference someone will be able to tell me what may be causing this.

           My only current theory is that it may be related to what ever is cause my import issue.  I'm importing a video that is 1920x1080 into a composition that is 1920x1080, but when I drop it into the time line it becomes square.  So I then have to resize to fix.  But since I'm re-sizing to the correct size, I don't understand how it would effect the copy and paste.  It's just the only step I did that wasn't in the video.

           Below is a picture of the variance in numbers. Then also a image of the video in the timeline prior to being resized.  Any help for either would be great, though figuring out the copy/paste issue is the primary concern in case it pops up again.