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    AE working poorly

    Real A.C.D.

      Hello, i have strong machine, and i am using AE to make some audio animations, via audio spectrum. But renders are taking too long, its all most something is clogging machine.
      I am using 2 effects maximum and it takes a long time, like 3 h to render 4 min song. CC fast radial blur and audio spectrum are effects that are in use, and i have


      Operating System

        Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


        Intel Core i7 4930K @ 3.40GHz 20 °C

        Ivy Bridge-E 22nm Technology


        64.0GB DDR3 @ 933MHz (10-11-10-30)




        DELL U2913WM (2560x1080@60Hz)

        DELL P2414H (1920x1080@60Hz)

        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 39 °C


        223GB INTEL SSDSC2BW240A4 (SSD) 22 °C

        2794GB Seagate ST3000DM001-1CH166 (SATA) 27 °C

        931GB SAMSUNG HD103SI USB Device (USB (SATA)) 24 °C


        Realtek High Definition Audio


      Settings on AE are standard, Classic 3d render, and Chache is on ssd... i dont know what to do? Can you most awesome people on earth give me some advice ?
      Thank you upfront !

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What is the resolution of your composition?  Are the elements in that composition also the same size, i.e. are any solids used the same resolution as the comp?


          What format is your audio file?  (Don't use compressed formats like MP3 if you can help it.)


          What format, codec, frame rate and resolution are you rendering?


          For the record, I just ran a test at 1920x1080, 25fps, with a solid of that size, a 48Khz AIFF audio file, and Audio Spectrum and CC Radial Fast Blur applied.  I get around 2 minutes of render time for one minute of content.  SO clearly there is something holding up your render.

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            Real A.C.D. Level 1

            Hi Andrew!

            Thank you for replaying,

            1920x1080 is resolution of comp, All solids are same size, audio is mp3, but i have wav which i will try now.
            I am trying to render via Media Encoder to H264, 30 fps, 1920x1080 without maximum render quality, frame blending Target bitrate is 10Mbps and maximum 12...

            Don't know what to do i've tried most of the stuff that i thought it would help

            but preety much same results every time, while all other apps like Premier or Ilustrator are working perfectly...

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If swapping out the audio file doesn't help, try rendering a lossless file from Media Encoder.  If that doesn't work, try rendering a lossless file from the AE Render Queue.  This will at least isolate where the problem is occurring.

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                Real A.C.D. Level 1

                Not either swaping audio file helps, nor lossess... still 3h +...i am thinking of reinstaling the AE and trying again to render project.

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  If you attach a copy of your project file and audio file I'm happy to take a look.

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                    Real A.C.D. Level 1

                    I will, give me some time, i am on the something, it looks like polar cord. where killing after effects... I need to do some testin to see if i manage to make it work properly.
                    But sure i will ! Thank you so much !

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                      Dave LaRonde Level 7

                      I'll assume you're using AE CC 2015.  I think this version's primary virtue is that you can open its project files in AE CC 2014... where things actually work!


                      If you don't have AE CC 2014, you can get it and install it without deleting AE CC 2015.

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                        Real A.C.D. Level 1

                        AE CC 2014 worked !!... i mean significantly less time was needed to render things out, in h264, 30 fps 1920x1080.
                        Thank you Dave, and thank you Andrew for your time !