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    Poor quality images


      I am trying to put together a short video in Premier Elements 13. There are two very short video clips and some still images. The quality looks fine as I initially load the files in, but then ones I play the video the quality is appealing and completely unusable? What am I doing wrong?

      I have resized all the files to 1920x1080 as the screen is set to this size.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you say you "play the video the quality is appealing" (appalling?), how are you playing it?


          Are you just playing your timeline in Premiere Elements? If so, Render the timeline first by clicking the Render button at the top right of the Expert view timeline.


          Have you output your movie and, if so, what format did you output and at what resolution? What player are you using to play it?