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    AE CC2015 playback not realtime.

    Rick Janssen Level 1

      I am experiencing serious playback issues with the new and fancy RAM preview. It started with audio stuttering a few days ago, but now I'm having severe frame drops when a rendered preview is playing back, sometimes as low as 8fps (in a 25fps comp). Even with animations as simple as a bunch of solids moving from left to right.


      I figured it could have something to do with the playback engine. I believe in older versions of AE you could set the RAM preview to a different render engine. But it appears there is no such option in AE CC2015, or am I missing something?

      I tried cleaning the caches, I tried updating AE, I tried updating the GPU drivers, but none of these things had any effect.


      System specs:

      - 24gb RAM

      - Intel i7, 3.6Ghz

      - Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti

      - Windows 10, 64 bit