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    audio and Video tracks



      Something's happened that I haven't come across before. Audio and video tracks have "flipped" , the video track is in video1 but the audio associated with it has gone to audio2!

      If I add further clips, they enter the appropriate (correct) tracks, how and why? John Mathias

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure how you dragged the audio from one clip to a separate track -- it's very difficult to do accidentally -- but that's what you've done.


          You should be able to just drag it back where it belongs. Or just leave it where it is. It won't hurt anything where it is.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            John Mathias


            What version of Premiere Elements, and what computer operating system?


            What are the properties of the clips involved? Did you import them into the project as one file with the video and audio portions of the file linked?


            Are you saying that you dragged one of these video audio files to the Timeline and the video portion went to Video 1 and the audio portion went to

            Audio 2? Was Audio 1 track still visible at that time?


            If you open a new project, does the same problem occur with the same file?


            We could suggest deleting the settings file Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs, but first clarification/verification of the situation would expediate

            a path to solution.


            Please consider.


            Thank you.