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    Copying the downloaded DVD menus


      I have just bought and installed Adobe Premiere Elements 14 as an upgrade to my laptop, I have also downloaded over 4GB of DVD menus, music, titles and text files to that program on my laptop, I plan to  install this program onto my desktop PC in the near future

      I spoke with a product specific technician yesterday regarding copying the downloaded DVD menus, music, titles and text files from the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 on my laptop across to my desktop PC.

      He advised I back up my organiser catalogue to  separate storage, and then to import it into my desktop once I have installed the program. I wanted to check that this will indeed copy the 4GB plus of downloaded files, as I want to avoid downloading them twice as I have limited download capacity on my home network, I have read the procedure in the following web page:

      https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/kb/backup-restore-move-catalog-photoshop.html#t opic-1

      But I am unsure if this will indeed copy the files I want it to, as on the install the program asks to copy accross my catalogue from my earlier version of Premiere Elements 12, and all the downloaded menus, titles etc do not appear,  can you confirm that this will do what I am asking please?


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